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Exclusive Suppliers of Street Cranes in UAE



  • 18 Years of Service Excellence
  • Strong focus on design and R&D to deliver highly customised solutions to a different application.
  • Strong commitment on delivery and project deadlines
  • Back up with 24×7 service support and readily available of spare parts
  • Association with STREET Cranes since 2016
  • Right material handling solution to our customer’s that surpasses all their expectations in technical excellence, safety, performance and reliability.

Al Waha Cranes – Exclusive Street Crane Supplier in UAE

There’s a reason why Al Waha Cranes is considered as one of the most innovative, performance delivering suppliers of material handling solutions. We source our cranes from the best-STREET Cranes.

Alwaha Cranes has been an exclusive Street Crane Supplier of EOT Cranes in Dubai/UAE since 2016. Our continuous effort in design, supply and installation, and innovation, clubbed with STREET Cranes’ 75 years of experience, earned us the reputation of being one of the most reliable suppliers of bespoke lifting solutions. Our STREET Cranes lead by example in research and development and attention to detail to set new benchmarks for crane performance.

Our Street Cranes offer up to 250 tonnes lifting capacity, with all our single and double girder cranes pre-engineered to extend the most economical lifting solutions.

Power & Energy

Our cranes have been actively used in facilities- from traditional power plants to innovative waste-to-energy operations, which also makes us a trusted supplier and manufacturer of Cranes for Power & Energy Industry.


At Alwaha, our expert team of technicians has manufactured and installed high-performance, high speed and high-capacity cranes for various applications - such as Steel & Aluminium production, Materials processing – foundries, rolling mills, wire manufacture, Metal treatment – special coatings, Storage and distribution and Scrap material, meeting all safety and productivity standards.


While accuracy, reliability and safety are imperative for manufacturing and assembling of railway stock, availability of railway rolling We employ tandem lifting for handling longer loads, which involves two cranes operating from a single radio control. This ensures accurate and safe handling of such material alongside load and speed stability during acceleration and deceleration.


Incorporating the latest crane estimating software for optimization of Crane and Hoist requirements for any given application and providing free consultation and quoting for all projects, makes us the best choice as crane suppliers for the construction industry in Dubai


Alwaha has been one of the major and active crane suppliers for the Automotive Industry in Dubai and the UAE. Alwaha STREET Cranes have been known to extend material handling solutions for all applications of the automotive industry including press plants, that can help with lifting, assembly processes, lifting completed wheel and tire components, moving engine blocks and material flow.


The manufacturing industry involves a multitude of applications that require agility, seamlessness and accuracy. Alwaha STREET cranes have been used to provide end-to-end material handling solutions. Our Single Girder Overhead Cranes can carry load capacity of up to 12.5 t SWL and span of up to 36 m while Double girder Overhead Cranes can lift loads of up to 100 t SWL and span up to 36 m, made to outperform and outlast through arduous conditions.

Ships & Boats

The range of crane applications in the shipping industry is varied. Alwaha STREET cranes for Ships & Boats Industry range from gantry cranes and hoists through the construction and maintenance processes.


Crane unloader, Mill House Cranes, Power House cranes are the heart of the sugar industry. Alwaha Crane has developed and integrated the latest te...

Paper industry

From handling wagons to engines, Alwaha Crane offers tandem operated cranes to handle these critical railways products.


The food industry involves transporting products over long distances, hence loading and unloading of food products impeccably is important. Alwaha supplies STREET Bridge Cranes for the food industry which are ideal to carry heavy loads ensuring safe and reliable handling.


Thern: A name you trust for lifting solutions.

Based in the heart of the Midwest, USA, we are a family-owned winch and crane manufacturer company that keeps your needs first. We believe in our pillars- hard work, honesty and operational excellence. These values help us build strong and reliable roots for every customer and business. Our key focus is to provide you durability, reliability, quality and outstanding service. With a strong engineering staff and a reputation for exceptional lead times, Thern is here to be your perfect lifting partner.


Move up to 4600 lb with confidence using a portable electric winch from Thern. These lightweight, portable power winches are constructed of cast aluminium and designed to deliver the muscle where and when you need it – on the construction site.


When you need to lift, lower or position a heavy load more quickly, Thern is ready to lend a hand with the most dependable hand winches available. We offer manual, heavy-duty hand winches, portable hand winches and crank winches that help you work more quickly and efficiently. 


When it comes to equipment for heavy-duty lifting and positioning, Thern has a wide variety of solutions for just about any application. Whether you are looking for a light weight portable crane or a stationary crane, Thern has just the right product. 


When you need to lift, lower or heavy load, Thern provides dependable air winches needed to get the job done efficiently. From construction to manufacturing, our air winches are built tough to meet the demands of the job in any environment and a wide variety of applications.


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Alwaha has been recognised as an ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company for running operations in compliance with QRS requirements for registration