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Cranes for Food Industry

Lifting solutions for a wide range of storage and processing applications.

The food industry involves transporting products over long distances, hence loading and unloading of food products impeccably is important. Alwaha supplies STREET Bridge Cranes for the food industry which are ideal to carry heavy loads ensuring safe and reliable handling.

Alwaha cranes provide an efficient solution over varied applications. Our Light crane system with a compact hoist built with the latest technology and ergonomic design is capable of handling fragile food and beverage products with precision.

Many food crops are produced in remote areas of the world where local logistics are quite limited so the efficient storage and distribution of harvested goods are critical. In many areas local technical support is also many hours and sometimes days away so the equipment reliability and availability are also key factors in the equipment selection process.

Working closely with its global partners, Street has been involved in a good number of such projects, supplied lifting solutions to meet a wide range of storage and processing applications.