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Crane Suppliers for Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance

Over the years, Street Crane has earned a strong reputation for the design and production of highly efficient materials handling solutions for aircraft manufacturing.

With our 17 years of experience as STREET crane suppliers for Aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, Alwaha Cranes has earned the reputation of handling some of the most herculean tasks safely and efficiently. Being among the few that offer innovation in design and efficiency of material handling solutions, Alwaha STREET Cranes have been used for applications such as construction, testing, overhauling and maintenance of fighter aircrafts, passenger aircrafts and helicopters.

Alwaha STREET Overhead Cranes are capable of lifting heavy duty loads, and also customized for lifting loads over 250 tonnes. Usually, multispan cranes that span over 100 meters are used to handle loads.

The type of crane used may vary drastically depending on the building structure type, for standard buildings with bay widths of 40 metres or less, standard single span cranes of single or double girder construction  may be used but in many cases, aircraft building are much larger than this and the cranes are quite typically of multispan underhung type with spans of over 100 metres.