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Crane Suppliers for Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Alwaha has been one of the major and active crane suppliers for the Automotive Industry in Dubai and the UAE. Alwaha STREET Cranes have been known to extend material handling solutions for all applications of the automotive industry including press plants, that can help with lifting, assembly processes, lifting completed wheel and tire components, moving engine blocks and material flow.

Our Press Plant cranes are capable of efficiently storing and retrieving heavy dyes that are used for vehicle body panels as they are equipped with refined control systems and come with a load lifting capacity of up to 60 tonnes suitable to perform turning operations.

Street Crane has successfully supplied lifting solutions world wide for the automotive industry including press plant cranes for major brands as follows.

Jaguar Land Rover
Mercedes Benz

Press plant cranes are required for the efficient storage and retrieval of the heavy dies used to manufacture vehicle body panels. Generally these cranes are of capacities up to 60 tonnes are suitable to perform turning operations and in many cases feature sophisticated controls for automated product placement.

Street Cranes are used extensively within other areas of  the automotive sector including engine and component assembly, general purpose and work station work.

We have also provided solutions for associated industries such as heavy goods vehicle production, agricultural equipment plants, construction equipment plants and specialist military vehicle building applications.