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Cranes and Hoists for Manufacturing Industry

It's all about 'uptime'

The manufacturing industry involves a multitude of applications that require agility, seamlessness and accuracy. Alwaha STREET cranes have been used to provide end-to-end material handling solutions. Our Single Girder Overhead Cranes can carry load capacity of up to 12.5 t SWL and span of up to 36 m while Double girder Overhead Cranes can lift loads of up to 100 t SWL and span up to 36 m, made to outperform and outlast through arduous conditions.

Our other Cranes and Hoists for Manufacturing Industry such as hoists, runway systems, Jib Underslung Cranes and Gantry cranes extend smooth, speedy and

Street Cranes’ leading hoist technology means that you can operate safe in the knowledge that downtime is minimised, thus increasing productivity.

With 10% of our skilled personnel employed in research and development, you will benefit from tremendous reliability in the most demanding environments, resulting in a low total cost of ownership for our crane and hoist products.

See a selection of case studies where Street Crane has proved an invaluable partner when reliable lifting equipment was paramount.

Take a look at some off the many and varied industry applications our cranes and hoists are used in.