Street Crane is the UK’s largest overhead crane manufacturer with specialist lifting knowledge across every key industrial sector.

Overhead Crane Supplier in Dubai/UAE

Al Waha STREET Overhead Cranes are the most economical lifting solution for all kinds of materials and industries. We call them the heart of your business, as they offer a wide range of solutions up to 250 tonnes lifting capacity, improving accuracy and safety.

Alwaha is a key Overhead Crane Supplier in Dubai/UAE, owing to our highly customized Overhead Cranes to suit the demands of different applications across the region. As our prime product, STREET Overhead Cranes are meant to streamline your workflow and ensure staff safety in your workshops, constructed with innovative new age technology to avoid roadblocks and withstand extreme and harsh environments.

Our range of Overhead Cranes includes- Single Girder Overhead Cranes & Double girder Overhead Cranes.

Single Girder Overhead Cranes, compact and lightweight, come with a load capacity of up to 12.5 t SWL and span up to 36 m, while Double girder Overhead Cranes can lift loads with a capacity of up to 100 t SWL and span up to 36 m, used to provide heavy duty lifts.


  • - Load capacity: up to 12.5 t SWL
  • - Span: up to 36 m
  • - Wide range of girder connection versions for optimum adaptation to individual applications
  • - Very high hook positions possible.


  • - Load capacity: up to 100 t SWL
  • - Span: up to 36 m
  • - Easy to install accessories like service platforms or crab units with walkways
  • - High cross and high travel speeds possible

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