Gantry Crane / Portal Cranes

Gantry Crane Supplier in Dubai/UAE

Gantry Cranes are also called Portal Cranes and run on rails mounted on the floor. Hence they need to be strong and precise enough to lift heavy loads with ease and safety. Alwaha STREET Gantry Cranes range Includes a wide range of girder connection versions for optimum adaptation for individual applications. Our cranes come with maximum load lifting capacity and accuracy, which makes Alwaha the choicest STREET Gantry Crane Supplier in Dubai/UAE.

Alwaha STREET Gantry cranes come with a Load capacity of up to 25t SWL, spanning up to 36 m and allow high hook possibilities, apt for use indoors and outdoors. Semi portal Gantry Cranes have a load capacity of up to 200 t SWL and span up to 60m and allow High cross and high travel speeds. Our rail-less Semi-portal Gantry Cranes can carry loads up to 5t SWL and span up to 6 m.

Gantry Crane / Portal Cranes

  • - Load capacity: up to 25t SWL
  • - Span: up to 36 m
  • - wide range of girder connection versions for optimum adaptation for  individual applications
  • - very high hook positions possible.
  • - With/Without Cantilevers
  • - Indoors/Outdoors application
  • - Railless travel machineries available for some capacities.

Semi-Goliath Cranes

  • - Load capacity: up to 200 t SWL
  • - Span: up to 60m
  • - Easy to install accessories like service platforms or crab units with walkways
  • - Indoor/outdoor applications
  • - High cross and high travel speeds possible
  • - With/Without Cantilevers
  • - Available with crane mounted diesel generators

Rail-less Semi-Goliath Cranes

  • - Extra hoist brake safety.
  • - Additional protection against overloading.
  • - No external hoist gears.
  • - Double band rope guide.
  • - Hoist gear inspection facility.
  • - Hoist motor coupling inspection facility.
  • - Hoist hand brake release
  • - Variable speed travel and traverse.
  • - No external trolley gears.
  • - Unique electrical protection and hours in service meter.
  • - Load capacity: up to 5t SWL
  • - Span: up to 6 m
  • - Models with adjustable spans and heights available
  • - Lightweight aluminium models available

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