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EOT, Gantry, Jib cranes and all other lifting equipment operating in Dubai, requires to be calibrated and inspected periodically as per Emirates international accreditation standard EIAC-RQ-IB-002 released 19.05.2020.

Procedure to be followed

As per EIAC we need to carry out inspection for all kind or eot, gantry cranes in following procedure:

 Periodic Inspection

 As per EIAC Periodic inspection activity involves visual, functional and load testing of EOT crane that is already installed, commissioned and operational or after repair or altered.

The equipment shall not be proof load tested during periodic inspection.

 THE INSPECTION PERIOD IN HOURS IS 2400 Hours/Year (considering 8-hour shift and 5/6 working days in week) in case of more usage working hours the inspection duration should be consider accordingly.

This is most important guideline for duration of load test for EOT crane, Al Waha cranes have expert team to prepare your equipment for periodic inspection.


Major inspection involves visual, functional and proof load test of cranes as per STREET crane/manufacturer’s standard to assess the safe duration of lifting operation under following circumstances

–       Inspection after major repair/alteration

–       Cranes that have reached end of design life or where this is unknown after 25 years of crane structure and 10 years of mechanical components

–       Old equipment that are to be recommissioned after reviewing their design and assuring that they meet the present standard and safety requirements

–       Equipment that went through major repair

–       Equipment that was upgraded or modified

Carrying out major inspection is big challenge for most of EOT crane user’s and we at ALWAHA cranes have expert team to support you in major inspection