There’s Much Ado About EOT Crane Dubai- Here’s Why!

EOT Crane Supplier in Dubai/UAE

Overhead travelling crane solutions are designed to lift and lower loads for a multitude of applications spanning across different industries.

EOT cranes or Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes, are the most common type of overhead cranes used for lifting loads. They consist of parallel runways with a traveling bridge spanning the gap, powered by electricity, as the name suggests. The crane includes an operator cabin for smooth and safe operation. EOT crane capacity can handle both heavy and light weights. The universal coupling mechanism is incorporated in these cranes to facilitate both installation and adjustment.

Alwaha is a trusted supplier of Street EOT Cranes in Dubai and the UAE. Bridge cranes, as they are sometimes referred to, are the heart of the business and Alwaha offers a wide range of solutions up to 200 tonnes lifting capacity. 

EOT Cranes Dubai- Benefits

  • ⦁ An (Electric Overhead traveling) EOT crane provides complete coverage, working around obstruction with ease, and improving work efficiency and flexibility.
  • ⦁ As they run on the track of the warehouse roof, they save floor space as well.
  • ⦁ These come with accessories such as c-hooks, trolley, double trolley, electromagnetic plate, grab bucket, insulation hook, ladle, which can be changed as per the particular job they are to perform.
  • ⦁ These cranes as products are highly flexible and can be deployed for multiple material handling challenges.

EOT Cranes Dubai- Types

EOT Cranes come in two variations- Single Girder EOT Crane and Double Girder EOT Crane.

Single Girder EOT Crane

Single Girder EOT Cranes are commonly used in warehouses, workshops, plants, stock ground to lift & move heavy materials horizontally and vertically. Consisting of one main girder between the parallel runway, these come with a load capacity of up to 12.5 t SWL, and span up to 36 m.

The Single Girder cranes cannot be operated through an operating cabin. And can be hoisted in an upward or downward direction. Each crane can be adjusted to reduce headroom while still maintaining the highest hook position.

The single girder EOT cranes generally don’t run on a platform, but consist of 2 small platforms for LT (Long Travel) mechanism, and DC (Direct Current) Disc Brakes in all the movements of the cranes. These Electric Overhead Traveling cranes use a snap action limit switch that supports the hoist’s movement in an upward and downward direction.

Double Girder EOT Crane

The Double girder EOT crane are designed for performing heavy-duty operations such as lifting or transporting heavy materials, widely used in factories, warehouses, workshops, processing plants, shipyards, etc. Hence, they come with a load capacity of up to 100 t SWL and Span: up to 36 m.

These cranes have two main girders between the parallel runway and a platform on both sides- one for maintenance and the other for crab maintenance. The double girder cranes offer great stability while handling longer & larger sized loads.

Double girder EOT cranes can be operated by radio remote, pendant, and an operator cabin. In this type of EOT crane, there are two types of limit switches. One is the rotary limit switch used to calculate the hook traveling and controls the upward and downward movements. The rotary limit that controls the upward and downward movement.

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