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EOT Crane

Any accident or mishap of an EOT Crane can be fatal to an individual and is life-threatening. This is why proper care should be taken at regular intervals to ensure the smooth functioning of EOT Crane. This includes proper inspection and steps to be followed throughout the process of designing, manufacturing, installation and operation. Once the procedure begins in full force, the next step is to ensure accurate measures of maintaining the health of EOT Crane. test

 How to do that? Scroll to find out. 

Here is a manual for all your EOT Crane maintenance needs. 

How to maintain the Control Panel in EOT Crane?

The control panel is the brain of any EOT Crane. This is where all the primary functioning is processed. 

The control panel constitutes an elongated panel box that incorporates all power and auxiliary contactors, switch gears, relays and supplemental control equipment.

The apparatus inside the panel has permanent labels of identification that are in accordance with the circuit diagram presented. Additionally, all control and power terminals shall also have similar identification labels.

These terminals need to be inspected once every month or three months. 

All the connections and terminals present at the switchgear should be completely tight.

Next comes Insulation Resistance between terminals and the earth This should be inspected once every month.

 How to conduct Wire Rope Maintenance in EOT Crane? 

The wire rope should be discarded based upon the careful inspection of its strand and the rope diameter. The ISO 4309 gives the procedure for replacement criteria for any wire rope.

During the inspection of wire rope, check for any damage that’s occurred to the rope thimbles, clevis pins or any holes that might have gotten elongated.

 How to maintain the Travel Gear Box in EOT Crane?

The lubricating oil in the travel gearbox is completely enclosed and filled up to minimum level marked in all gearbox.

There is an inspection cover present on the top of the gearbox to regularly examine the condition of gears and gearings .

Correctly and thoroughly check the gearbox casing, drain plugs, filler and the oil seals to ensure there are no signs of seepage or any lubrication leak.

The ventilation plug should be inspected and cleaned meticulously. 

The reliability and security of fixings should be examined and renewed whenever necessary.

Drain the gearbox of all the oil during examination and replacement, detach the inspection cover and check for any signs of wear and tear 

If there is any damage caused to the gear teeth, replace them 

Inspect the security of keys and keyways

When the gearbox is opened for maintenance, thoroughly clean the mating surfaces, and apply an appropriate sealing compound should while remaking the joint

In order to hoist the gearbox seal, gasket glue should be used according to the requirement 

Ensure that no sealing compound enters the oil passage inside the flanges of the gearbox 

 How to check the hoist and travel brake in EOT Crane?

You need to carry out a functional check of every motion brake in order to ensure that they are operating correctly and adequately 

Inspect the output condition through the brake rectifier 

The next step is to conduct a thorough cleansing of the brake, check for any air gaps within, examine the worn out parts and renew wherever the need occurs 

Peculiarly check the wear and tear that’s occurred on the rotor disc. This also includes examining the condition of the spline on both the hub and the rotor. 

Inspect the condition of the hub key and keyway 

 How to do the maintenance of Couplings?

This should be conducted at least once a year 

The examination should be thoroughly carried out to ensure the tightness of the bolts that connect the machinery, as well as the wear and tear occurring in the coupling

The damage transpired can be checked from the outside by inspecting the positions of the points concerning the two notches in the boss

In case the pointer is placed exactly between the two notches, no wear or tear has taken place  

When does the EOT maintenance happen?

We at Alwaha, offer a host of care, repair and maintenance services that drastically cut the downtime and ensure the smooth operation of your cranes. With a team of experienced technicians and service providers, our facilities are well-renowned for precision and faster turn-around times. We specialize in all services of EOT Crane Dubai and bring the touch of premium aid. Here’s what we provide you with: 


Daily Inspection of EOT Crane 

Through a daily operator who checks in for any overhead loose parts, brakes, limit/end switches, overall condition of wire ropes, any external damages affecting the safety, greasing and lubrication. 

Weekly Inspection of EOT Crane 

This is conducted by a maintenance mechanic and additionally a supervisor as well. The overall examination is similar to daily inspection with a supplementary check of the crane while it is idle, i.e., during the weekends. Reports from the operators from the entire week left unattended are also taken into account. The oil gearbox is thoroughly checked, and if required, the oil is filled up to the indicator levels. Spot checks are also carried out. With the specialization of EOT Crane Dubai Maintenance levels, we provide the best services week on week. 

 Quarterly Inspection of EOT Crane 

 This is taken care of by the maintenance supervisor. If there is less use of the cranes, they can be checked once every quarter. Inspection and repair are conducted for structural damage, any sign of unusual wear or tear, loose hangings, bearings & pins, drums & hoisting gear, hooks & wire ropes. Control mechanisms are thoroughly examined along with the gearbox, overload relays, conductor coils, timers and fuses. 

 Yearly Examination of EOT Crane 

If you are checking up on your cranes only once a year during the holidays, it is crucial that you take a worldwide appreciated service. That is why Alwaha Cranes provide you with EOT Crane Dubai specialized assistance. 

In the yearly inspection, special attention is paid to the brake functioning, crane structure, travel wheel wear & tear, wire ropes, hoist mechanism and safety devices. All greasing and lubrication are attended to thoroughly, and oil is topped in the gearbox as well. Additionally, testing is carried out after the inspection with a 25% overload. Similar examinations are performed on the functioning of electrical equipment and other safety devices. 

The mandatory record checking and attention are certified by the supervisor. 


  Here is a checklist manual of all how to maintain Greasing on EOT Crane rails 


The first and foremost step is to ensure that there is limited greasing on the EOT Crane rails and is carried out according to the manual. 

 First limited greasing on EOT rails as per manual. Otherwise make sure dust free of rails

 Over greasing cause slippage, Can’t stop at right place due to slippery.

 Check brake unit, whether brake shoes are in good condition.

 Suppose any malfunction noticed, should dismantle the unit and check all parts are good condition, some parts worn out, it should be replace

Chain or rope unit check this rope is good condition, if the rope is minor damage found .I should replace otherwise it will leads to serious injury

 Check cross rails, long rails,gutters inspect periodically, moreover greasing point bearings should grease periodically

 Observe abnormal noise came from EOT Crane. Immediately EOT crane hand over to maintenance department

 They should throughly inspect with help of why why analysis. And found error and rectified again hand over to concern department