Maintenance Duration for Crane as per Crane Classifications

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What is crane duty classification?

Crane duty classification is according to the grades of crane use and crane load condition. Classification principle is in the load, the frequency of different cases, have the same life of the crane at the same level.

Divide crane service class of purpose is not covered, manufacture and selection of users to provide reasonable and unified technical basis and the reference standard, in order to obtain better security, economic effect, make the working status of crane is an accurate reflection of.

It also can improve the generalization level of crane parts, achieve different lifting weight of crane components work in the same general level of the crane. Crane classification is the important basis of crane parts, crane components and component design, is also a security check, accident analysis and scrap the basis of a standard to determine. In general, the duty classification is different, safety factor is different, scrap standard is also different.ALWAHA Cranes, Dubai

Why do you need to confirm crane duty classification when crane buying?

To identify the duty classification of crane helps you to buy the most suitable overhead cranes for you application, which will be the most economical solution for your application. The right selection of the crane duty cycle or classification will ensure the durability of the overhead crane and components to withstand the loads and usage requirements. Therefore to the crane duty classification have to be confirmed.

Two cranes with different duty classifications but with identical capacity and span may vary in price very largely. For high duty classification requires specialized components, such as, end carriage, electric motors, bearings, and crane controls, etc., whereas, the lower duty classification cranes are more standardized and matched with more economical components and parts, which will lower expense to a large degree.

And also you may have a long term plan, that you may expand your production in the future, in this way, your crane capacity may be higher or the number of lifts per day may be increased. In this way, you may want to spec the crane out so that it can support the needs of your future growth.ALWAHA Cranes, Dubai

Factors affect crane duty classification

To select the suitable crane duty class or service class for your crane is very important for it will affect your initial investment and your future maintenance cost required. How to select the crane duty classification for your overhead crane? The following factors should be considered:

  • Rated Load – Estimation of the loads lifted at or near capacity
  • Service – Total hours in operation per day
  • Number of Lifts – Average lifts and trolley and bridge movements made each hour
  • Distance – Average length of each movement

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