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Special Hoist Supplier in Dubai/UAE
Street is one of a very few companies worldwide with the capability to employ software programmes to design truly bespoke wire rope hoist solutions or to design such solutions from first principals. Many of the world’s leading crane makers incorporate Street special hoists into their crane designs.
Engineered hoist solutions may incorporate the most advanced control and monitoring systems or the most traditional heavy duty engineering or a combination of both.

Products Features

  • Extra fast speed/arduous duty combinations.
  • Advanced integrated control systems and safety rated control to EN13849 Category 3 PLd.
  • Extra large lifting heights.
  • Multiple synchronised hoists or multi point lifting from a single hoist.
  • Twin hoists roped into a single bottom block and hook for super high lifts.
  • Power slewing mechanism in the hoist frame or in the hook block.
  • Hoists integrated with grabs and lifting devices.
  • Second hoist brake mounted on the hoist motor to ensure safety in the event of primary hoist brake failure.
  • Second brake acting on the hoist drum which is applied automatically in the event of over-speed, to ensure safety in the event of failure of any component in the hoist transmission prior to the hoist drum.

Technical Specs

  • Mechanically failsafe load arrestor based on the worm and wheel principle, which also provides independent over-speed and overload protection with optional load recovery capability for nuclear applications.
  • Regenerative braking systems on variable frequency drives.
  • Bottom block operated over-hoisting limit switch in addition to the standard rotary limit switch.
  • Load Dependent Speed (LDS).
  • No Load Express Lift.
  • Safe torque off on variable frequency hoist.
  • Remote Control with optional LCD status display.
  • Micro-speed hoisting and lowering.


  • Anti-sway control (prevents traverse movement causing hook swing).
  • Slack-rope detection and prevention.
  • On board or remote condition monitoring including design working period (DWP).
  • Design for use in non standard ambient temperatures -20⁰C to +70⁰C.
  • Hoist modifications for lifting hazardous loads such as molten metal.


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