Bespoke Hoists to suit your precise requirements

Special Crane Supplier in Dubai/UAE

In high tech facilities like aerospace, automotive, and military- that are involved in precarious loads need bespoke material handling solutions. The expert designing and engineering team at Alwaha creates tailor made solutions to meet the industry needs accordingly.

At Alwaha such Special Cranes are constructed by incorporating certain specific features, mechanisms and constructions to build cranes suited for specific needs of the clients, such as Extra hoist brake safety, Additional protection against overloading, additional monitoring systems, into the crane systems to make them efficient, accurate and proficient enough to handle such perilous loads. This has earned Alwaha the reputation of being credible Special Crane Suppliers in Dubai.

Some typical features which may be incorporated into special hoisting equipment are as follows:

  • - Extra hoist brake safety
  • - Additional protection against overloading
  • - No external hoist gears
  • - Double band rope guide
  • - Hoist gear inspection facility
  • - Unique fail-safe hoist drum
  • - Variable speed travel and traverse
  • - No external trolley gears
  • - Sturdy trolley side rollers
  • - Trolley reaction roller precludes the need for a counterweight.

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