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Alwaha STREET cranes come packed with new technologies and innovations to keep up with the demands of heavy industries. This makes us the most reputed Hoist Crane Supplier in Dubai/UAE. Alwaha STREET Hoist Cranes allow flexibility and are equipped to handle all kinds of applications, ranging from lifting capacity from 5 tonnes to 250 tonnes.

Our range of hoists includes- ZX Wire rope hoist, LX Electric Chain Hoist- 5 tonnes, Special Hoist- Bespoke, VX Open Winch - capacities up to 250 tonnes LX Electric Chain Hoist can lift up to 5 tonnes but is known for its design to represent reliability and value for money. The unique design and a reputation of reliability and endurance makes Alwaha ZX Wire rope hoist our best selling product.

These hoists can lift loads up to 80 tonnes. VX Open Winch Hoists make the heart of our business- Overhead Cranes- build efficiency. With lifting capacities up to 250 tonnes, VX Open Winch Hoists account for a very wide range of demanding applications. Our biggest claim to reliability is our capability to employ heavy duty engineering to design bespoke hoists for specific applications.

Lower cost
of ownership

Compare the lifetime cost of ownership while making investment in capital equipment. That’s an intelligent move. In addition to the purchase price of our equipment, we urge you to consider operating costs to appreciate the long-term value of choosing Al Waha. To ensure safety and reliability throughout the life of the product, our ZX hoist incorporates features that are designed specifically to save time and money in servicing, maintenance, and inspection routines.

Say hello to lower service bills and less planned downtime Hoist brake mounted externally results in making the service and inspection fast and easy A gearbox lid allows a service technician to view the hoist gears and rectify it within minutes Motor coupling inspection port allows the inspection to take place in no time The ZX hoists design features also extend the life cycle of components and prevent unexpected failures. Welcome lower parts bills and cut out unplanned downtime Hoist gears enclosed in a gearbox and running in an oil bath are more reliable and last longer than open or external gears Rope and rope guide failures are prevented by a unique double band rope guide Wheel flange wear is eliminated with flangeless trolley wheels and long-life guide rollers.

A direct drive on a single girder trolley is more reliable and durable than a spur and pinion drive Hoist motors with lower operating temperatures are more reliable and last longer Overheating, undervoltage, overcurrent, single-phasing, and incorrect phase sequencing are all protected by the hoist motor An operator with a hoist brake hand release can lower the load in a controlled manner in the event of a power outage or if the hoist is out of service for any other reason The ZX spare parts are competitively priced, and we use non-proprietary switchgear that is not captive