Cranes for Power & Energy Industry

Handling a diverse range of materials.

Alwaha STREET Cranes are capable of carrying out heavy duty material handling such as lifting heavy turbines, handling hatches and maintenance. The power and energy industry requires a wide range of lifting solutions for fragile material, hence varied types of Alwaha cranes such as EOT Cranes, Gantry cranes, Process Cranes, hoists and Overhead Cranes are used to lift loads with precision, safety and reliability.

Our cranes have been actively used in facilities- from traditional power plants to innovative waste-to-energy operations, which also makes us a trusted supplier and manufacturer of Cranes for Power & Energy Industry

Street Cranes have played an important role in all aspects of materials handling for the energy and power generation industry for many years.

The power generation industry covers a wide and diverse range of material handling types from low duty , heavy lift turbine hall maintenance cranes to high duty continuous operation waste to energy process cranes.


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