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Open Winch Hoist Supplier in Dubai/UAE

Alwaha STREET Open winch hoist cranes are designed to operate in the most arduous conditions. These cranes hold the advantage of being equipped to lift heavy loads with high frequency of switching operations. The open winch allows easy servicing and maintenance.

Continuously innovating and switching to advanced crane technology in all our lifting solutions, our Open Winch Hoist Cranes are built with our advanced VX open hoists to give you more control over the system and the load, alongside making the load lifts more efficient and quicker.

Used in Overhead Cranes to handle material up to 250 tonnes, Alwaha STREET Open Winch Hoist Cranes can support any industrial setting, extending extra safety and efficiency.

Custom engineered to suit your lifting application

  • Street Crane has more than seven decades of experience designing and manufacturing hoists for the more extreme applications.
    The VX hoist is a product of that pedigree and epitomises the special performance levels we can offer those customers who have the most exacting requirements. The VX hoist is a modular concept which uses pre-engineered components in both standard and customised formats to provide high-performance and high-reliability for a very wide range of demanding applications where one or more of the following are required

VX Application range

  • Capacities up to 250 tonnes (275 US Tons).
  • Duty classifications up to ISO M8/CMAA CLASS F.
  • Superfast hoisting speeds.
  • Super-high lifts.
  • Increased factors of safety.
  • Extremely arduous environments.
  • Additional safety and operating equipment.
  • Special hoist constructions.

When productivity and safety are the priority

  • The modular concept of the VX hoist enables us to provide a cutom-built solution from pre-engineered components.

VX hoist standard features include

  • True vertical lift (zero hook drift over the full lifting height) rope reeving with no rope guides
  • A hoist gearbox brake which holds the load even if the hoist motor is removed
  • All hoist gears including final hoist reduction in the gearbox with oil bath lubrication
  • Hoist gearbox cover allows inspection of gears without dismantling the hoist
  • External removable fan-cooled motors with cooling fans on all motions
  • Step-less speed control on hoists and travel motion
  • A heavy-duty open winch hoist which is more robust than a standard hoist

VX hoist

      • The smart measure for high endurance hoists in intensive process applications is the lifetime cost of ownership. Every component on the VX hoist is engineered to last longer and require less maintenance. Our attention to detail with every component combined with an easy-access open-plan design results in less downtime and allows for much quicker servicing and maintenance tasks.
      Customised VX hoist solutions for very special applications are also available.


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