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Light Crane System Supplier
in Dubai/UAE
Alwaha is one of the leading suppliers of Light Crane System in Dubai/UAE. Our STREET Light Crane System offers a multitude of possibilities, built on an advanced modular monorail and crane module to provide ergonomic solutions to industries where a fast and coordinated transfer of materials is required.
Our Light crane System can be integrated into various production lines and can be combined to create individual suspension wall-mounted slewing jib crane, suspension crane, pillar and monorail in various industries.
The highly flexible nature of our Light Crane System makes them economic and efficient, irrespective of the load weight and shape. They can be easily installed.


  • CNC machined chain sprocket.
  • High tensile zinc coated lifting chain.
  •  Long life hoist disc brake.
  •  True vertical lift (zero hook drift throughout the hook stroke).
  •  Compact side hook approaches to optimise hook coverage of the working area.
  •  Overload protection by torque limiting clutch in the hoist mechanism.
  •  External removable fan cooled motors with cooling fans on all motions of the crane

LCS work station cranes

LCS work station cranes significantly improve productivity even if the work place is equipped with a main overhead crane spanning the workshop. Efficiency is improved because individual operators in localised work stations often have the requirement to repeatedly lift lighter loads.
In these cases the workers concern spend a High proportion of their time waiting for the main overhead crane to become free and then they spend even more time away from their work station bringing the main crane to the lifting point.
Light weight beam profiles and bolt-on connections enable speedy installation and adaptation of systems to the changing needs of your business.