Wall travelling and slewing jib cranes.

Jib Crane Supplier in Dubai/UAE

Keeping quality at the helm, Alwaha’s continuous efforts to improve safety and productivity extends high technology lifting makes our Jib Cranes adaptable, efficient and accurate in load handling up to 5 t SWL.

Being the most trusted Jib Crane Supplier in Dubai/UAE, our Jib Cranes are used from small workshops to warehouses and production assembly lines, all across the UAE, offering robust lifting in the most versatile applications.

Our range of Jib Cranes includes- Wall Travelling Jib Crane and Slewing Jib Crane.

While Wall traveling Jib cranes allow a Load capacity of upto 5 t SWL and span upto 10 m, Slewing Jib cranes allow a Load capacity of upto 0.5 t SWL and span upto 7 m.

Wall travelling jib cranes

  • - Load capacity: up to 5 t SWL
  • - Span: up to 10 m
  • - Designed for operation on a lower level beneath a large travelling crane system
  • - Wall travelling crane can serve several working stations at the same time

Slewing jib cranes

  • - Smooth-slewing jib for easy manual operation
  • - Optimal highest hook position
  • - Optional electric hoist travel
  • - Load capacity: up to 0,5 t SWL
  • - Jib length: up to 7 m

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