Hoist Crane Supplier in Dubai/UAE

Alwaha STREET cranes come packed with new technologies and innovations to keep up with the demands of heavy industries. This makes us the most reputed Hoist Crane Supplier in Dubai/UAE.

Alwaha STREET Hoist Cranes allow flexibility and are equipped to handle all kinds of applications, ranging from lifting capacity from 5 tonnes to 250 tonnes. Our range of hoists includes- ZX Wire rope hoist, LX Electric Chain Hoist- 5 tonnes, Special Hoist- Bespoke, VX Open Winch - capacities up to 250 tonnes

LX Electric Chain Hoist can lift up to 5 tonnes but is known for its design to represent reliability and value for money.

The unique design and a reputation of reliability and endurance makes Alwaha ZX Wire rope hoist our best selling product. These hoists can lift loads up to 80 tonnes.

VX Open Winch Hoists make the heart of our business- Overhead Cranes- build efficiency. With lifting capacities up to 250 tonnes, VX Open Winch Hoists account for a very wide range of demanding applications.

Our biggest claim to reliability is our capability to employ heavy duty engineering to design bespoke hoists for specific applications.

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