Crane Runway Beam Design

In most industrial buildings it is a common practice to weld a channel for use as a crane runway. The runway beam is the crux of the crane system as it helps the trolley move along the crane freely.

At Alwaha, we have been actively involved in creating Crane Runway Beam Designs that yield strength and reliability to all crane systems. From fabricating, supplying and installing crane runway beams to designing and supplying free standing structures, our runway beam designs have been catalysts in efficient operations in some of the major facilities in Dubai and the UAE.

Design of crane runway beams
Fabrication and supply of crane runway beams
Installation of runway beams at site
Design and supply and installation of monorail beams
Design and supply of portal/ free standing structures

We also do the manufacturing of operator cabin

References are given for some of the projects we have done the design, supply and installation of crane runway beams.

For 30 cranes for Dubai Municipality at Jebelali Sewage plant
Monorail beams and portal frames for 19 monorails for total length 350m for Dubai Municipality
For many pump-room cranes for ADWEA
For 20t crane at Diwan Amiri carpark Project, Doha, Qatar
Doha North pumping station
320m Al shirawi equipments, Alquoz, Dubai
480m at Arabian Oasis, Dubai investment park

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