Cranes Supplier for Construction Industry in Dubai

'From the ground up' - Supporting major contractors around the world.

Construction industry requires heavy duty and varied lifting solutions depending upon the facility and application needed. Alwaha STREET Gantry Cranes, EOT Cranes, Overhead cranes and JIb Cranes have proved their mettle for applications such as glass manufacture and distribution, structural steel fabrication and preparation and precast concrete production and distribution projects in Dubai and the UAE. Our STREET cranes have been winners with respect to affordability, accessibility and reliability.

Incorporating the latest crane estimating software for optimization of Crane and Hoist requirements for any given application and providing free consultation and quoting for all projects, makes us the best choice as crane suppliers for the construction industry in Dubai


Whether the cranes are used as part of the construction project or as part of the manufacture of the building components Street Crane has proved itself a worthy partner for many of the world’s largest construction contractors with the experience and management skills necessary to fulfill the needs that major contracts place on suppliers.

Within the construction sector, we have supplied many cranes to the following associated industries.

  • Glass manufacture and distribution

  • Structural Steel fabrication and preparation

  • Precast concrete production and distribution

Architect and specifier support

Street Cranes have all the tools you need to specify lifting equipment for any factory or industrial unit.

When specifying lifting equipment for a new-build factory or warehouse, you can rely on Street Crane’s expertise and experience to get the job done efficiently and on budget.

Street have the latest crane estimating software to optimise Crane and Hoist requirements for any given application and offer free consultation and quoting for all projects.

So when you need assistance, Street can be involved 'from the ground up'.

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